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Stogi S 12 VTA

This is a Stogi S 12 inch version tonearm with a fully precise adjustable VTA tower fitting on the standard 9 inch tonearm distance. The Stogi S 12 VTA tonearm shares the main features of Stogi S & Stogi S 12 and 4Point tonearms, i.e. a unipivot bearing, headshell rigid construction and a unique VTA tower used in best tonearms.


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Arm mount distance: 212 mm
Distance from spindle to horizontal bearing: 291 mm
Bearing type: Unipivot
Effective mass: 12 gr
Total mass: 1750 g
Offset angle: 17.8*
VTA adjustment: precise VTA tower
Azimuth adjustment: Yes
Tube: Straight
Bias: Yes
Max. Standard cartridge weight: 15 g
Optional light and heavy counterweight: Yes
Damping: Yes
Detachable headshell: No
Arm mount: Kuzma
Standard wiring: Copper, RCA Bullets (75pF)
Accessories: protractors, Allen keys, cartridge mounting screws
Options : XLR, 5pin

Additional information

Weight 1.75 kg
Dimensions 304.8 mm

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