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Značka: Elac

On September 1, 1926 in the German city of Kiel, the company Electroacoustic GmbH was founded, which focused on the development of sonar technology and research on signal sound channels in air and water. ELAC's passion for music and fascination with sound led to the launch of the first consumer audio product, the PW1 turntable, in 1948.

History of Elac

In 1984, ELAC began designing loudspeakers in collaboration with AXIOM Electroacoustic Speaker Specialists. A year later, the 4Pi omnidirectional tweeter was developed – a driver that brought true high-end to top-of-the-range sound by combining extended range with wide dispersion.

ELAC and innovation go hand in hand and in 1993 it introduced the JET folded ribbon tweeter. With an extended frequency response up to 35kHz, the JET tweeter has proven that a driver whose response exceeds the limits of human hearing sounds better throughout its range. JET has been continuously improved and is used today in both domestic and automotive applications.

From the start, ELAC has earned a solid reputation for advanced technology, uncompromising build quality, superior European design and unrivaled sound.

Who is the Elac brand suitable for?

ELAC offers a full line of speakers and bold new electronics that bring music to life like never before. Each product delivers stunning performance, superb craftsmanship and great added value. All with the unmistakable ELAC style.

Where is the primary use of this mark?

Speakers, electronics and other components from ELAC can be used practically anywhere. From congress halls, through all rooms in the home, to absolute high-end in the comfort of your listening room.

A look at the individual product series of the Elac brand

The Concentro is a standard loudspeaker designed to recall more than ninety years of ELAC history. It was produced in response to calls for a loudspeaker that rivals – and surpasses – the most ambitious designs in today's audiophile landscape. The first impression says that it is not an ordinary speaker. With a height of more than 1.67 m and a weight of more than 152 kg, the Concentro attracts attention. Its elliptical cabinet is manufactured to the highest level of perfection and is finished in high-gloss white or black, or to your specifications in any color in between. There's no mistaking the Concentro for any other speaker, with an intricate base made from a single block of aluminum and a weight of over 24kg. Integrated oval side panels in rare wood, carbon fiber or leather surround a pair of side-mounted 250mm woofers on either side of the cabinet. These newly developed drive units feature smooth, rigid aluminum sandwich diaphragms and fire in a push-push/pull-pull configuration that delivers maximum energy and precision down to the lowest octave. The back of the cabinet contains two ports for bass drivers. The sophisticated front baffle is curved to allow optimal propagation and dispersion of sound waves from the two drivers. On top is a dual concentric 127mm midrange with a JET 5 tweeter at its acoustic center. Below it is a front ring with a 177 mm diameter crystal membrane and a mid-bass speaker. The result is near-to-the-point sound source presentation, micro-accuracy and flawless, accurate imaging. The dynamic range of the speaker is almost unlimited. ELAC Concentro. Listen and enter a whole new era in The Life of Sound.

Navis Series
The NAVIS series safely navigates in search of valuable notes in music. The goal of development was to achieve a result that was greater than the sum of its parts. The active NAVIS series features an eye-catching new design with trapezoidal cabinet shaping and a signature die-cast aluminum bottom plate. The new drivers feature aluminum cones, while the 25mm soft-dome tweeter is arranged concentrically with the midrange. The active NAVIS range uses highly efficient but analog-sounding BASH® amplifiers for the low and midrange, while the use of a class A/B amplifier drives the tweeter. Completely analog signal processing ensures breathtaking sound quality with maximum transparency and musicality under all circumstances. Sublime sound delivered with serious power.

Vela Series
The groundbreaking design of the Vela series is inspired by a ship's sail. Feel the unique sound waves of music that flood the soundscape. The Vela is a sophisticated design that combines brushed aluminum with premium lacquered and veneered real wood cabinets, with a trapezoidal shape that is tilted back. The Vela series is on the one hand eye-catching, but on the other hand it supports smooth sound reproduction. The Vela range is in the highly successful 400 series and offers even more. The new waveguide minimizes the reflections of the baffle and the specially shaped baffle nica and the tilt of the cabinet improve the sound resolution. Along with drivers that are optimized to reproduce high-energy transients with greater accuracy, the Vela range is also very much in line with the latest interior design trends.

Line 300
Looking back, it seems almost surreal. No one could have predicted the success of the Line 300. But when the ELAC Elegant 305 first filled the room with sound more than 25 years ago, music lovers closed their eyes and lost themselves in the music. Since then, the past years have flown by. The 305 was the beginning of the exceptional success of the 300.

Solano Series
You know which way the wind is blowing, but you better trust your own judgment. The ELAC Solano series is perfect for you. With beautiful design for today, tomorrow and beyond. Designed as a harmonious blend of forms and materials, the sound of the Solano series is also timeless: open, honest and full of depth and character. It incorporates the latest technology for an experience that lasts.

Carina Series
A clean yet striking look meets breathtaking performance. The Carina series combines elegance with remarkable sound to bring you what promises to be a new classic in the ELAC line-up. Developed from and building on the performance of the award-winning 240 series, the Carina continues the ELAC tradition of using an AMT tweeter, chosen for its amazing clarity, dynamics and attack. To match this capability, a new patented aluminum cone woofer with a compound curved design is seamlessly integrated through a sophisticated multi-element crossover for an organic, realistic sound.

Uni-Fi Reference Series
Bass reflex hole arranged at the bottom and rounded on both sides ensures increased bass performance while minimizing flow noise at the same time. The side-leaking Uni-Fi Reference enclosure not only adds a high-quality visual element, but also improves the directivity of the speaker in the midrange.

Uni-Fi 2.0 Series
Enhancing the critically acclaimed Uni-Fi series, Uni-Fi 2.0 includes a number of changes that elevate performance beyond the originals. In a complete redesign; from drivers to crossovers to enclosures, this series redefines what's possible from a compact, affordable speaker. The new wide-range tweeter improves its low- and high-frequency extension, allowing for better blending with the midrange driver. The all-new mid-range design features a larger-diameter voice coil, a new aluminum cone profile, a new low-profile surround, and an all-new neodymium magnet assembly. The newly developed one-piece aluminum cone results in better stiffness. Combined with an oversized magnet, large diameter voice coil and extended pole piece, these changes result in better bass accuracy and dynamics. Each Uni-Fi 2.0 enclosure is designed with thick MDF outer walls and a luxurious black ash vinyl finish. Specially placed internal bracing adds stiffness and strength to the outer walls of the cabinet, reducing cabinet vibrations that cause unwanted coloration.

Debut Reference Series
The reference is not just a name, but a defining characteristic of a product intended for the most demanding specialists. The new Debut Reference builds on the world-famous concept with creativity that inspires something new. The result is the Debut Reference and offers significant acoustic and visual advances. With an exterior that draws on traditional and contemporary styles, it combines oak wood with a white finish or black satin partition to achieve the perfect balance. ELAC Debut Reference has a classic design.

Debut 2.0 Series
Reengineered from the ground up, these speakers sound even more remarkable than the originals, revolutionizing affordable high-end audio. Few speakers have received such critical acclaim as ELAC's original debut series. They have created a new value proposition with build quality and performance never before achieved at such a reasonable price. Debut "changed the game" and now it's changed again with the Debut 2.0 series - proof that ELAC can't leave enough alone.

Intuitive yet comprehensive app-based interface. Simply pair your iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device with the new ELAC subwoofers and adjust the sound to your preferences. You can download the ELAC application for free. What's really clever is that no complex network connections are required, as the subwoofer and mobile device communicate directly via BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy). For users, this means no more awkward adjustments on the back of the subwoofer. For example, if you want more bass for a movie night or if you want to avoid disturbing your neighbors late at night, the subwoofers offer four preset modes that can be selected at the touch of a finger: Normal, Music, Cinema and Night. Those who want to further explore the capabilities of the application control system will discover the real pro-audio options such as a parametric equalizer, a low-pass filter and individual settings for the energy-saving auto-on function. Perhaps the most exciting option, however, is the calibration feature, which uses your smartphone's microphone to listen to the volume, frequency response and sound reflections in the room before automatically optimizing the sound of your ELAC subwoofer. ELAC subwoofers can be connected directly using analog cables or stereo RCA cables. In the case of SUB 3070, it is also possible to use a symmetrical connection. And if you prefer to forego cables altogether, the new high-performance subwoofers are equipped with an ELAC wireless interface for wireless music transfer.

Cinema Series
Listen to every word spoken, feel every single moment and you will get goosebumps. Bring your entertainment experience to life with incredibly realistic sound and enjoy the possibilities with the ELAC Cinema Set for TV, movies, music and games.

4Pi Plus.2 Series
Experience something completely unique every time you press play. Unlike conventional tweeter designs, the 4Pi Plus.2 fully integrates the space behind the speakers into the acoustic experience. This makes the 4Pi Plus.2 tweeter the perfect addition to any high-quality speaker. It allows the sound to be freed from the speakers and fill the entire room - literally immersing you in the music. Equipped with flexible sensitivity and cutoff frequency settings, the 4Pi Plus.2 can be seamlessly integrated with any loudspeaker. From subtle enhancement to subtle dominance, it's all a matter of personal preference. The ultimate winner is always sound.

Alchemy Series
Designed by the ELAC team, the new Alchemy series births a fusion of technologies and brings further advancements to a name known for delivering performance and build quality far beyond its price. Each component contains relevant, well-thought-out functions and topology for the most demanding listeners. This includes discrete implementation of power supplies, amplifier and signal processing to deliver best-in-class sound. With years of experience with award-winning analog and digital products, the Alchemy series sets a new standard of value in the world of high-end sound departments.

Miracord Series
The Miracord 60 was designed to bring elements of the renowned Miracord 90 design to a new class of ELAC turntables. The result is a record player that is true to its line and at the same time emphasizes individuality. The new Miracord 60 embodies smooth vinyl precision and performance at a new price.
The Miracord 50 is the ideal choice for those building a new LP collection or rediscovering the magic of an existing record library. The ELAC Miracord 50 turntable is designed to provide exceptional vinyl transcription, inspired by the iconic Miracord name from the Golden Age of stereo when turntables reigned supreme. The Miracord 50 is carefully engineered with a belt drive motor and cast aluminum platter. It also features a precision statically balanced straight tube arm with a removable head shell with a factory fitted MM phono cartridge. Designed with convenience in mind, the Miracord 50 features a built-in phono preamp that lets you add this turntable to any music system.

Discovery Series
Discovery Music Server is designed to be the heart of a serious music system, offering local and streamed music playback, rich multi-dimensional metadata and multi-room audio, all with an interface that anyone can master in minutes. In keeping with high definition music, the Tidal® lossless high definition music streaming service has been tightly integrated into the Discovery* software. Content from your local collection and content from Tidal are presented in the same beautiful and easy-to-use interface.
While several standalone and integrated units offer great sound, very few deliver the performance, flexibility, and value necessary for the ELAC label. So where none existed before, ELAC engineers started with a clean slate and a simple proposition: build the most powerful, versatile and easy-to-use integrated amplifier imaginable. Do it without compromising sound, reliability and a great user experience. Price it fairly so it becomes a natural choice, even compared to units many times its price.

On Wall Series
Finding the ideal position for the Line WS models couldn't be easier. A small amount of wall space is all these speakers need to reach their full potential. Despite the small cabinet depth of only 84 mm, they use the latest chassis technology to deliver full sound with the deepest bass. Ideal for TV and surround sound or ideal for music, these speakers can be conveniently mounted on the wall.

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