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Značka: Innuos

Something about the product

Innuos was founded in 2009 in the UK with the vision that you don’t have to sacrifice sound quality or be a tech whiz to enjoy the convenience of digital music at your fingertips. This vision can only be achieved by combining three basic principles:

  1. Perfect synergy between hardware and software
    Innuos’ multidisciplinary team combines expertise in computer hardware, audio hardware, network and software engineering to create end-to-end products.
  2. Customer-driven research and development
    Working closely with end users and partners at Innuos, they really understand what different customers want from a music solution. This drives their research and development from day one.
  3. Open platform
    Digital audio is a rapidly evolving field, with new products constantly being introduced to the market. Instead of designing closed solutions, they build their products to be open, allowing integration with the most popular Hi-Fi and Multi-room products on the market.

Custom application

The combination of the application and the use of a portable device as a reliable controller brings quite good results in today’s modern age. Also based on this reason, the Innuos factory decided to work on its own software and application, which is used to control devices after simple installation either on your smartphone, tablet or computer. We are talking about the innuOS 2.0 software interface and the Innuos Sense application.

InnuOS 2.0 represents a profound change in both the user interface and the backend of music servers, enabling full playback and management of your music library via the aforementioned smartphone, tablet or computer. Controlled via the Innuos Sense app or simply via any web browser, it’s more intuitive and responsive to navigate your music collection, offering a premium experience whether you’re ripping CDs, creating playlists, importing files or exploring streaming services.

Fast, intuitive and easy to use
Offers one place to browse, play and manage your entire music library. Sleek and responsive, it lets you immerse yourself in what matters most, your music.

Seamless across local, streaming and internet radio
It offers an integrated way to browse all your music, combining a music library, internet radio and streaming services.

Explore your music and discover new
The ability to fully explore your music library, allowing you to discover related artists, albums, and the ability to view albums by the same artist when searching for a specific song/album.

Create or edit your playlists
With the innuOS 2.0 upgrade, a brand new playlist has been implemented, allowing for an easier platform to create and maintain your own playlists while listening to music.

Powerful intelligent search
Innuos has developed a smart search engine that works across all music content, from song titles to radio stations, playlists to genres – you can even use multiple terms to refine your search, such as adding the year of release.

Improved sound quality
Compared to innuOS 1x, mainly due to tighter integration with hardware and new user interface technology.

Who is the Innuos brand suitable for?

If you have decided to enjoy your music in the highest quality and at a reasonable price through a streamer, Innuos products are perfect for you. Minimalist design, beautiful sound, compact design, affordable price, simple intuitive control, consistent performance, and many other amazing features that make these streamers unique.

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