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Značka: Jadis

JADIS is the result of André Calmettes deep interest in sound processing and reproduction. André devoted his free time to achieving the most authentic musical reproduction possible, so that he could relive the emotions acquired during live concerts in a home environment. In 1983, he founded the company Jadis Electronics. JADIS is dedicated to designing and manufacturing preamplifiers, tube amplifiers, CD players and turntables of superior quality and design. It is located in the French city of Villedubert and is equipped with a Research and Development Laboratory that combines three specialized departments with high-performance equipment and uses the most modern technologies.

Testing each component

Each of their products is bound by a very strict sequence of tests and checks carried out by highly qualified technicians. Endowed with thorough in-house training, they are able to oversee the entire production process, each bringing specific technical skills. All stages of assembly thus receive specialized checks, carried out using the most powerful technology. When any product has any defect, even a very small one, during the testing phase, it is immediately withdrawn from the production line.

JADIS output transformer

Among the most valuable features of JADIS amplifiers is the output transformer, an indestructible masterpiece giving the amplifier absolute stability regardless of its load, which is completely manufactured in JADIS. It is hand-wound using an original technique and then covered with a special resin that guarantees maximum waterproofness and thermal stability. This process maximizes thermal stability and eliminates distracting transformer hum.

Unique performance of JADIS amplifiers

The specifications in terms of power are surprising: the maximum acceptable power is 2500 W before saturation. JADIS amplifiers are the only ones in the world that have these characteristics, offering amazing dynamics in both low and extreme high tones. Most of them operate in pure class A. For these reasons, they are an ideal source of amplification for any loudspeaker, regardless of its impedance curve, type of operation or power.

The trams are a key factor

For its electronics, JADIS uses tubes of different brands and origins, which have specific properties. Tubes represent a key quality factor; for this reason, each batch is rigorously analyzed to select only the best components. First, they undergo primary selection to withstand several firing cycles (expansion of materials), which allows the detection of poor air vacuum and mechanical defects (electrode fixation and airtightness of the glass/metal joint). Then they are measured one by one to check their properties and make their appearance (joining parts that work in pairs).

Continuous improvements to the Jadis MKII and MkIII models

Although Jadis don’t change their model numbers often, they follow a path of constant improvement, so there have been many improvements over the years. The latest Jadis MkII and MkIII models feature significantly improved transformers. The magnetic circuit, copper wire, insulation and manufacturing techniques of transformers have improved. The copper wire has been upgraded to a higher purity wire. A new resin coating reduces noise levels, while improved circuitry and improved high-voltage filtering result in a cleaner current.

In the preamps, the internal wiring has been upgraded to better quality silver wire and more silver wire is used throughout. MC phono stages have been improved with higher quality covers and components. The chassis has been upgraded to surgical grade stainless steel and internal components such as the diode bridge and capacitors have also been upgraded. The new finish on the gold front panels ensures that your Jadis will look beautiful for years to come.

For whom the Jadis brand is suitable

Considering the design and technical specifications of individual Jadis products, this brand is primarily intended for enthusiasts of a more natural and warmer sound, as well as a pleasantly characteristic velvety bass and musical expression.

Where is the primary use of this mark

Jadis products can be used basically anywhere, whether at home or in a recording studio.

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